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Thursday, March 3, 2011

My favorite foyers

Photos: House Beautiful

Photo: Ralph Lauren
It's beautiful how they all have that distinct pop of color or pattern. Hard to pick a favorite.  Do you have one?

This is my client's foyer in their South Hampton summer house.  I found the settee and hall clock from Baker's Milling Road collection. They both have a beautiful aged wood finish. 

This is my foyer, it's a work in progress, but I'm so grateful to even have a foyer in NY!  Right now there's a textured linen paint on the walls but I was thinking of painting it a stripe and taking that all the way up to the ceiling to accentuate the ceiling height. (Which I should've done in the first place but that textured paint was kind of hard to work with because you have to move quickly since it dries fast!)  I painted the star on the wood floor which was easier than I thought (thank you stencil) and I got this painted chest with its worn/rubbed finish that is distressed and aged to perfection.  It's from British Traditions and it was added for color and much needed storage.  The mirror above it is from a Crate and Barrel sale and the ceiling light was originally just for candles so I had a lighting store wire it for electricity for just $20.00. The armoire is an antique repro-it's for coat and boot storage. I designed the cabinets in the foreground which holds shoes... in photo above, they're to the left and right of where my dog, B'lu is walking...she always seems to sneak into my shots, as you'll see in upcoming posts!  The shoe cabinets will be featured in another post about storage solutions but I thought I'd give you a sneak peak.

And this is the lobby/foyer to our building.  I love the marble floor and the architectural details....and besides, they just gave it a fresh coat of paint so it looks extra pretty!

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The Buzz said...

Your foyer is so welcoming and I love the fact that you use an armoire to organize coats and boots. A beautifully done foyer sets the tone for the rest of the home so I hope you share more of yours!

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