Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer table settings

I've been posting about outdoor dining a lot. Summer is almost over (hurrummff!) so I want to enjoy every minute of it! Here're some beautiful ways to set a summer table. 
Karen Mordechai photography
Marni Martin
                                                                      Karen Mordechai photography
Martha Stewart
Jodi Miller photography

So, here's what you need from the photos above that will make your table look equally fabulous...
*a bundle of oranges in a crate
*fresh wild flowers
*handwritten caligraphy menu
*stack of your fav books
*glass jars
*linen or cotton napkins
*great silverware

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The Buzz Blog said...

We vowed to spend more time outside this summer but this hot and humid weather, it just never happened... Perhaps we'll have an Indian summer to enjoy this fall. Lovely tablesettings, Roberta!
C + C

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