Monday, July 16, 2018

I'm feeling blue...

Hello friends!

I've been absent from the blog lately, but no matter how busy I get, you know I will always come back when I have a great photo to share.

I was laying on the beach down the shore and the color of the ocean against the bright sun looked (and felt) like heaven.

So I thought I'd bring heaven back to NYC.   Inspired by the colors on the beach I decided to (once again) paint my living room mirror.  This time I chose this fantastic blue color that reminded me of the ocean-- crisp and cool yet somehow warm and comforting. I think it looks really amazing with the sun-yellow forsythia.

.... and heavenly.

 So soothing.  Just perfect. Here are a few other versions of that color you might enjoy.

The Jersey Shore (always my inspiration)

Photos: Me,  Proven winners, 1st Dibbs, Pinterest

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