Monday, August 27, 2018


F  L O W E R    P O W E R

This did it for me. I saw this William Sonoma photo and I don't know if it's because summer is almost over and I'm soaking in all of the color and flowers I can, but all of a sudden I'm into florals! 

I try to keep fresh flowers around the house, but that's pretty much the extent of my floral fixation. Then I started looking around and found floral wall covering.  And, kinda fell in love! 

Now I just have to find a wall. Maybe my headboard wall in the bedroom? Maybe my foyer? I'll keep you posted!

There are a few ways to achieve this look aside from wallpaper. Peel-off temp paper, hire a muralist, stencils. I may just dip my toe in and paper a large piece of foam core and put up panels.  

Credit: Spring Mural by Mary Moser RA (2nd photo from the bottom), wallpaper by, Scalamandre wall covering, Pinterest for photos, and for stencils try:  and and

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