Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Accent Pieces: It's the little things that matter...

 Hey there friends. I hope you're staying warm and cozy because it's freezing here in NYC!

Today I thought I'd remind you that when decorating (& in life) it's the little things that make everything special.  Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's second famous dictum "God is in the details" is profound to me... but be careful not to over-do it. Too many details can be distracting. That's why I love Van der Rohe's first idiom "Less is more".  That may seem contradictory to some, but it's to remind us not to clutter when adding details and Edit! Edit! Edit!

Keeping that in mind, here are a few items that can make a room special.

Boxes look great and can store jewelry, photos, or all your remotes.

Above boxes all From Belle and June

Throws on a freezing day like today can keep you cozy, but also visually warm up a room.  Cotton or cashmere are my favs. 

Faux fur throws by West Elm

Wall mirrors. They can be grand over-scaled on the floor just leaning against the wall or a cluster of small mirrors hanging like art.  They add light and ambiance to any room.

Bowls add color and are also practical. I like to keep fruit in a beautiful bowl or tray on the dining table. Sometimes I just add petals or large hydrangea heads. How about you?

Baskets add texture, and practicality.  I keep magazines, books and the NY Times in my floor baskets.


I can't say enough about pillows. You can change the look of an entire room by changing pillows or just the case.   Plus, my dog thinks all the pillows are her beds.  So she's got ...like-- 20 beds. What a life...

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