Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coffee TablesCoffee TablesCoffee TablesCoffee TablesCoffee

This post is inspired by my friend who just moved into an adorable house in NJ near the beach. She wants to replace a formal coffee table with something more appropriate for her beachy-vibe house.

I've offered to keep my eyes open for something special and I think an aged, wood, farm-house style table would look perfecto! Here's what I've found so far:

Metropolitan Home Magazine

I love the above $4,000 Ralph Lauren table with it's worn iron legs and reclaimed distressed white washed wood top! The combo of textures is oh-sooooo spectacular. But, this piece is too huge for the space.  

Here're some smaller and less expensive alternatives that are also love-worthy. Get on the love train...
Civic Center Square $897

Stevenson rustic $1300

Lisbeth coffee table $1298

West Elm for under $300

reclaimed table $355
Wyatt Rustic $1255

Seneca rustic coffee table $1300
Collision $281 by Joss & Main 

Quimby copper-top table $213. by Joss & Main 

 More inspiration...

Photo credits: Pinterest, Houzz

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Fun...Here's to independent films!

Here's some news...
As some of you know I've had several readings of my full length screenplay and then recently optioned it--my first feature film.   The past few years (years? yes, years...when you're having fun it doesn't seem that long) has all been very exciting and we are now finally getting the film packaged (choosing a director, etc).  Meanwhile I've written a new film...

...Battle of the Bands.  A short comedy film that I'll also be directing and acting in. We have a fantastic cinematographer and film crew--plus a fun, talented cast.

We launched a crowd funding campaign just last night. Indie films are expensive and we want to make it the best that we possibly can--using the RED camera, special lenses and a Grammy winning musical director to score it. That's all lined up and we're ready to go.  The cast goes into rehearsal in two weeks as the crowd funding gets under way.

Here's the link to our campaign page in case you want to read more about it...pledge a contribution, and get weekly updates including photos of upcoming rehearsals which will also include location test shots.

So...if you want to support independent films, women in film, gender equality (yes, the film has a subtle message) and help a funny entertaining film get made while being a part of something special, then let us know!  Because there's a perk with your name on there is an opportunity where a character in our film could have your name...

Check out our perks page to see what I mean. And, thank you for your interest and support! XO

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Take it up a notch!

You know you can do it. Make your home look more custom, more high-end, more-more. Here're some tips:  

 1. Add thoughtful, but uncluttered layers like table-scaping

2. Well framed artwork. Whether it's a priceless piece or your children's finger painting

3. Add moulding! In any room or area

4. Hang your drapery floor to ceiling. It'll make the ceiling appear higher.

5. Add oversized pillows. This no-braniner is the easiest way to give a room a high-end look.

6. Add greenery.  A tree or plant not only adds interest but also cleans the air.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday fun...

Honored to be on the cover with Wali Collins who just wrapped a film with Stanley Tucci and is shooting his Baz Luhrmann Netflix show both releasing this year. Here's a sneak peek on my interview about stand up and my film before the magazine gets released...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter living! Mwah!

Hey there! Now that we're smack-dab in the middle of winter I'm enjoying cozy decor.  Whether it's in blogs or magazines or my own home--I'm down.  To warm up the winter in this cold hard city I put my faux fur throws, wool throws and cashmere blankets draped on the sofa, lounge chairs and the bed. I added more candles in the fireplace too--they're great anytime of year but there's something so sexy and chic when the temp drops.

Especially in a snow storm like the one we just had about a week ago.  A good deal of snow has melted yet there's still enough at the curbs to remind us how beautiful it once was... for like--just two days, but still... it was beautiful.  The night of the storm was the best.  I walked down the middle of Fifth Avenue with not a car in sight and made snow angels in Bryant Park with friends--the city looked magical. 

I gotta say I'm really enjoying winter this year--which is surprising because winter is my least favorite season.  I'm loving it.  Go figure. 

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