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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project: My storage solutions +

How are you today, my friends? I thought I'd do a post on storage solutions since I'm constantly looking for new ideas myself.  These first few photos show some ideas that have worked for me, then scroll down for other fabulous ideas I found. This first photo shows my foyer shoe cabinets. (You've seen this photo before when I did a post on favorite foyers but I never mentioned what's behind those doors. Here's a peek...) 
 My SHOES! I had two cabinets made, one for each side of the foyer and when they're closed you'd never know they hold shoes. I used touch latches so there would be no need for hardware, making it even more invisible.  And I made it accessible from both the front and the back. Who said shoes need to be stored in the bedroom?
This one is my favorite.  It's my column that stores DVDs and it's an interesting architectural detail that functions as a unique storage cabinet. When I had this made we came up with a solution to weight it so it doesn't tip.
Voila.  It's movie night.
The house phone... OK, hear me out on this one--when you move into this building you get  an (ugly) phone so you can communicate with the door man and concierge.  I like having it but I just thought it needed some help so I bought this woven box at a local flea market and the phone fits perfectly inside. Now it looks amazing.
The phone never looked better and the ring can still be heard when it's closed. It sits on the foyer shoe cabinet.

Here are some other great storage solutions that I thought were beautiful and clever. Some shoes are like a work of art so why not display them through glass doors...
What a great idea--utilizing unused space. Shouldn't all stairs have at least one of these drawers?
Wow. If I were building a house with stairs I would definitely install this slide.  Growing up we went down the stairs in our house this same way only we didn't have a slide. C'mon, admit it, didn't you? 
Some people might put in a closet under the stairs but if you need drawer space for files as shown above, then this is a no-brainer.
This actually is a wall divider with cubbies for storage...brilliant.
Here's another way to use the space under stairs.  This isn't very deep so they opted to make it a book shelf.  So, which one is your favorite??

Photos: Colorful Styles, H&G, me
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