I think great style and a sense of humor go hand in hand. It's important to laugh out loud. And sometimes at yourself.

Photo: Jordan Matter
Photo: John Micco

Some of my anecdotes and jokes have been published in the following books alongside some of your favorite celebrity comics. These books (shown below) are available at Barnes and Noble and, or just visit the Stylelinx shoppe on my homepage for any Amazon books or products!            
I also have fun writing for the Fashion Police section  at Us Weekly magazine.  Look for my jokes and quips on celebrity fashion twice a month.

I recently optioned my first full length screenplay which is currently in pre-production. I'll keep you posted with updates! Since then I've written a short film that I'm also directing in June 2016. I'll keep you updated on when it's released.

If you have questions or are interested in advertising please email me at: and thanks again for reading.

Read more about what I do when I'm not writing this blog in the about me section on the home page.
My jokes are published in the following five books available on Amazon:

Magazine articles:

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