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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fashion + Interiors = Beauty

Every so often I admire an upholstery fabric and think that it would make a really great shirt or dress!  Or, I'll be zipping up my jeans and notice the texture and softness and think it would make such a comfy cozy fabric for a chaise or sofa.   Whether fashion takes their cue from interiors or vice-versa...wherever the inspiration is coming from I say; keep it coming!  

Image: Elle Decor
All six area rugs: Doris Leslie Blau

Leather shirt: J Crew (Item #44211)

Dress: Prada
Tiles: Portugal ceramic Azulejos available at Artistic Tiles or a less expensive alternative is Delft tile from

Left to Rt: Palatine silk color: midnight, Eden stripe color: denim, Cannes stripe color: Aspian
Lattice outdoor furniture: Skyline design


The Buzz said...

Love this "mash up" of fashion and home decor - and so inspired to decorate the way I dress or vice versa!

Suzanne said...

Love all the fresh inspiring for spring!

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