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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upholstered furniture

I was shopping with a friend for her new sofa when I realized that she wasn't aware of the many options out there for upholstered furniture.  (Then I figured a lot of people might not be, which is why I did this post.) Our conversation went something like this:
Me: "What kind of skirt do you like?"
Friend: "I like a short skirt, although I think I need to hit the gym more to pull that off now that I've hit 40."
Me: "No, I meant on your ... ya know what?... Just come with me." 
And we walked down the block to the nearest Pottery Barn.
I should say that if she asked me what kind of arms I like, as we passed the gym window, I might've said: "I like them cut but not too big or buff."  So, there ya go.  
Do you want to curl up and get lost in your sofa or chair?? Or maybe you want to be able to have your feet reach the ground when you sit down?  I'm a curl up and get lost kind of girl so I always measure the seat depth before I fall in love with  a piece. 

Examples of some upholstered arms:
 English arm / Sock arm

 Wide box arm, std box arm, tapered /flared arm
Rolled arm / Pleated rolled arm

Skirt options: Floating upholstered base with border, Kick pleat flounce, dressmaker flounce (also called a waterfall with double kick).

Options, options, options: Corner pleated flounce, box pleat, shirred corner flounce. 

And then there are the exposed leg options.

Another option I love is tufting.   I have a tufted ottoman--it's the only tufted piece I have but it adds so much to the room. Do you like tufting??  Or is the channel back for you? Or, is it plain?  How about seat construction? I opt for either feather and down or spring blend down. And on the construction? 8 way-hand-tied is my favorite.  Hope this helps. xoRoberta

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The Buzz said...

We're actually in the market for a new couch for the family room and my hubby and I had the same conversation over the weekend! I'm forwarding this post on to him so that he can get an education and be more helpful in the process. Thanks, Roberta!

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