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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Advanced geometry

Yeah, when I hear 'advanced geometry' I get that queasy feeling too.  I'm not a fan of 9th grade I had a pretty good math teacher, Ms. Fisher, and I struggled to get B's on her tests. She told me at the end of the year, that she would watch me take the tests and she'd bite her nails worrying because of the many faces (I didn't know) I was making while taking the tests. She said she always thought she didn't explain it well enough by the way I was contorting and fidgeting and tsk-ing. Then she'd grade my paper and wonder what I was sitting there harrumphing about because I usually got B's and an occasional A. Wait! What? OK, let's forget for a second how sweet she was to worry and let's imagine what I must've looked like...hmmm...OK, well that's embarrassing and it might explain a lot about 9th grade. After she told me that, believe me I learned the importance of a poker face which came in handy when my mother asked me why I stayed out so late on a school night, or years later when I started going to flea markets and yard sales where haggling also requires a look of indifference. (Practice made perfect) Not to mention that that knowledge came in handy when I began performing, although a little contorting might evoke more laughs...I'll have to ponder that one.  Well, anyway, little did Ms. Fisher know that she was the best math teacher I ever had because that was the last year my math grades were above a C.  I really hate math, did I mention that? Not sure you caught that. However... I'm really into geometric prints--must be the rebellious side of me...or maybe it's because I know there won't be a quiz coming.  
So, what do you think of these photos? Circumference, surface area, volume, perimeter...don't worry. I won't grade you on it.
Hard to see, but there's a subtle geometric wall pattern (more visible reflected in the mirror) that looks amazing next to the horizontal striped drapery.  Btw, I love this Duncan Phyfe-style table paired with these contrasted painted French repro chairs--it keeps this formal traditional room from looking stiff not to mention--bor-ing!  The chair backs covered in a different fabric from the seat is something I always try to do, so even though this room more formal than I would have in my own house, I'm lovin' it!

Photos: Mary McGee, Summer Thorton, Massucco Warner Miller, Elaine Williamson, Jennifer Jones, Stroheim.

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The Buzz said...

New math, old math, any kind of math gives me a tummy ache - and to think I ended up becoming an investment banker in my first life! Love the play of prints and shapes in these pictures...

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