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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have spring on the brain. More than ever because this past winter was extra brutal in NYC and the tri-state area.  So I'm drawn to anything green--not the color, that's for tomorrow's post (sorry to be a tease) but I also think of green-living more-so in the warmer months. Probably because it's easier... I ride my bike more, walk more, and try to compost when we're down the shore.  Not to mention I love using Natural fiber rugs like jute or sisal as shown above. So, even if you forget your fabric bag when you go food shopping (sorry Whole Foods, I can't seem to remember that one) or accidentally throw a plastic container in with the regular trash (um, yep--ditto on that apology)--here are some easy ways to 'go green', not to mention-- beautiful.
Bring plants in the home to clean the air

Lighting by candlelight
 Reclaimed wood floors 
Recycled wood counter top
 Spend less time in the shower and decorate with recycled fixtures
Unplug electronics
Eco-friendly fireplaces from
Ride your bike and leave the car at home
Use linen fabrics and burlap pillowcases!

Recycled potato chip bags made into baskets

Compost nail polish free from harmful chemicals
Replace some incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs

Sophie Uliano's book offers eco-friendly tips available at Barne's and Noble

Solar panels (Ed Begley Jr's home)

Photos: Country Living, Jeff Minton, InStyle Magazine, The DecoristaFluegge Interior Design, Inc


The Buzz said...

Spring definitely brings about thoughts of renewal and what we can do to leave this planet a little greener - love all your suggestions!

The Zhush said...

Candlelight and reclaimed wood is easy being green!:)

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