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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspired by this 'n that

So, I've always been curious about inspiration. (I sometimes like to start off my posts with the word 'so' as if we were in the middle of a conversation) ... 
It's always been kinda cool to me when I see fashion and interiors take their cue from each other. Do you feel that way?  I've always made a connection to both of them.  When I was growing up I used whatever left over material my mother had from making placemats, drapery, or pillow covers and I'd make a tee-shirt or scarf. I'd take my older sister's clothes that were too big for me and my younger sister's clothes that were too small for me and cut them up to create a favorite outfit or pillowcase.  Even now I'll take a scarf and I'll drape it across a table instead of using a tablecloth.  If I look at something in a different way then how I'm used to seeing it, then inspiration will inevitably follow. I dare it not to... What do you think? Do you get inspired  through fashion or interiors?  What inspires you? C'mon...spill it.

I love this dress by Lois Eastlund (Her shop is in NYC!)

Credits: Lois Eastlund, Anthropologie, Pucci, Ralph Lauren, Valerie Wills Interiors, Betsy Burman, Apartment Therapy, Jil Sander, Diane Von Furstenberg

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The Buzz Blog said...

Love it when fashion comes out of the closet and into the home!

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