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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After many much-needed visits with some girlfriends over the past few weeks, I have decided it was the right time to post these 'girly' photos. Why not throw a little femininity and design into something that is decidedly masculine or nondescript? So, I've been collecting photos of said objects to show you how well it can be done...not to mention, just a whole lot of fun-fun to look at.  Normally these items are a yawn, but after their transformation they're far from boring.  (You'll see the items pictured below the girly-room photos )  Enjoy these feminine touches that now have oodles of character.

Anthropology shower curtain.
Urban Outfitters shower curtain.

 I wish I could've done this to my first car to cover up the not so attractive maroon color.
It would definitely make doing the laundry more fun.

 How adorable are these dressguards crotched for bike wheels? Pretty great.

We upholster our chairs at home, why not the car! Love this!
The biggest lawn ornament I've ever seen...

Credit: Mahalo Mereframig, Cynthia Rowley, Waverly,, Simeli, Caroline Espley Miller, Haute Nature, Oliver Schwartzwald, Pink Wallpaper blog. Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie.

1 comment:

Omayra said...

My favorite girlie girl touch was the garbage cans. That made me giggle!!!!

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