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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


How's it going, my friends? This post on wood is not about just any wood. Not the refined kind that gets sanded, pampered, planed, stained and shellacked. I'm talking about a slab, a chunk, a stump, a branch. The real deal. It's just bare bones beautiful.

Branch Sunburst mirror frame. (Similar available at Two's Company)
That hostess chair is intense. I love the look, but wonder if it's comfortable!
OK, this is painted, but it is a tree inside the room, so c'mon!

Credits: Bright Bazaar, Lonny, Wood Sophistication, Signature Woodworks, Tiny White Daisies, Amber Interiors, Turquoise-tulips+bliss.

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The Buzz Blog said...

I "wood" definitely! Aiming to install old beams in our kitchen and family room once we raise the roof... the rougher the better!

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