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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oushak and Turkish and Kilims, oh my!

Stark antiques

I've been looking at a lot of area rugs for a client and falling hard for so many of them. Oushak, Kilim, Turkish, cotton and wool patterned, even sisals...quite a variety. (It's a big house!) 
Rug & Kilim, NY 
I really believe that when you choose a rug, it has to speak to you (no, I'm not kidding) just like a work of art...which I believe rugs are. I don't know a lot about rugs-- just the basics, like the difference between the warp (vertical) and the weft (horizontal), village vs city, and that the wool and silk rugs have a light side and a dark side. (Insert Star Wars joke here). So, even if you're looking at a rug that doesn't have a light or dark side (ex: cotton rugs), never decide on a rug when it's hanging--you have to lay it flat and view it from all sides.
Bound area rug by Stark

Stark antiques
 Mastour Galleries
Mastour Galleries

Rugs are such a specialty item and there's so much to know (who has the time?) so, I defer to the experts and thankfully I've met a lot. What kind of rugs are you drawn to??

(This post was inspired by A.G.)

Credits: Adigets, Architectural Digest, Stark, Victoria Hagen, Bungalow Antiques, Allison Jaffey Interior Design.Me

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