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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hello, my friends! Fall is here!! Yes, I know it actually started at end of September but give me a break, I've had technical blogging issues! And, let's just ignore the 80 degree temps in NYC for the past two days, shall we? Prior to the current heat wave, we were lucky enough to have a few brisk days that we're so crisp and so refreshing. I know this sounds weird, but I love how it reminds me of back to school--in a good way, not the homework part, but the new-ness of it all, the freshness, the smell of wood burning in fireplaces, getting new clothes to wear and a chance to start over.  Ahh, starting over! Most people do that January 1st, but as you know I'm not like most people. I hit the re-fresh button every Autumn and get excited about what the new year might bring. Since we only get about a week of spring these days, Autumn and summer have become my favorite seasons. And it's not fall unless we go to the farm and pick, so a couple of weekends ago we all went pumpkin and apple picking in Coltsneck, New Jersey and filled our wheel barrels to the brim with colorful apples and gourds. Sure, I'll make pumpkin soup and apple juice and pie but don't think I won't use their color first as my objects d'art! Like in these photos I found...
Credit: Tamar Scheknar

Credit: Lou Tapp
Credit: Elizabeth Gordan
Even pumpkin colored walls and accents are great.


Anna Cunningham
Photo: Me
Some of my pickings
And a fun day of picking...

Sorry they're not sharp photos-- I forgot my camera, so these were taken with my camera phone.

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The Buzz Blog said...

Spent the weekend sunning myself on the terrace and not feeling very "fallish" - would love to be able to pull out the cableknits and cords sometime soon! Your images put my in an autumn mood, though.

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