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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No fuss, no muss...

 No fuss no muss. I never did know what muss meant, or the phrase. I looked it up. There are a slew  of definitions. The ones I like are, 'no effort' or 'no drama'. Ahh- no drama. I like that one the most. After a few days of computer problems (drama) and deadlines for writing (a little drama) and working on a spectacular family room (at least it will be when it's done) ...I would like the rest of my week and weekend to be drama-free. No muss. So, I found these no muss photos and thought they'd be the perfect topic of my day. So, here ya go. Drama-free, just as our lives should be. And they are really beautiful, just as our lives are, if we let it. So, let it. No muss.
 Credit: Thenohow
  Credit: Shabby Chic

Via: Everything Fab
 Credit: Harper's Bazaar-Jourdan Dunn's camel blazer  

Via: The Satorialist

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The Buzz Blog said...

And here I thought muss meant unpressed and messy! We have a no drama policy at the office and it works!

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