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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Choose one...

Hello my friends. Someone very successful once said to a friend of mine that, to achieve greatness you should focus on just one thing. What do you think of that? Focus on one. Just one. Pick one. Now, it's not clear as to whether they meant just one or at a time...hmmm.  But, I do believe there's something to that... that one thing, that is. But I'm leaning towards the one thing at a time, thank you very much, and I'm sure that's what they meant. I mean, who can just focus on one thing in a world of many wonderful things? What I do know is that when I have many important, different things to do, and I work on just one thing at a time and give it my full, undivided attention-- it does work out pretty well. What do you think? Safe?  Daring? Boring? Fool proof? Whatever, it's worked for me. I just need to be reminded from time to time.  To do one thing. Just one and do it well. Just a time.

Via: Cote De Texas
 Interiors by: Miles Redmond 
 Via: Pinterest
Via: the frencheye.blospot
Source: Unknown
 Photo credit:Tina Terell via NY Magazine
 Credit: Elle Magazine

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