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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Orange and blue combo!

Maybe it's the time of year, but I'm fixated on this color combo. How can two colors at the opposite ends of the color wheel be so delicious together? When I started posted, I couldn't believe the possibilities, in design and in nature. It's a natural!
 Credit:Home of Lulu DK
 Via: Pinterest
Via: Google images
Via: Casario Blanco
Credit: Eerica George Dines photography 
 Via: Firefly Forest
Credit unknown

Via: Ohjoyblogs
FIg. 1 Top: Asos
                           Fig: 2 Greek Eyewear: 80's Purple
       Fig. 3 Bracelet: Ettika
                           Fig. 4 Head wrap: CharlotteTaylor
               Fig. 5 Flats: Anthropologie
  Fig. 6 Bag: Baggu
Credit: Ben Todd photography
 Via:Pink Persimmon

1 comment:

The Buzz Blog said...

Dying to use this color combo in my teenage son's room... if he would let me! Delicious!

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