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Friday, November 25, 2011

Ready...Get Set!

Hello my friends! Hope you all had a great holiday, or at least a fun day off. I thought I'd have a little Friday fun this week with the first of many "Get Set" installments where I talk about set design from (old and new)films and television shows and how to grab the look! Sure, anyone can read a movie review, but what I want to hear about is the set design--are you with me, people?! I for one can't help staring at the furniture when I watch a film, or the clothes for that matter, I'm drawn to that as much as the storyline. So, let's start with designer Tom Ford's 2009 film A Single Man. It's about the isolation of a man who struggles to find the meaning of life after his partner dies.  I loved the movie and thought the direction, especially from first timer Tom Ford was brilliant.  Not to mention the (gasp)beautiful performances by Julianne Moore and Colin Firth. The movie was based on a novel by Christopher Isherwood and was set in the 60's in Santa Monica. It had "Mad Men" team of production designer Dan Bishop and set decorator Amy Wells. Now...about that house. As you might know, I'm not a huge fan of mid-century modern, but I can still worship it from afar, can't I? So what if I find them a bit cold to live in, I can still appreciate the lines. And, I'm not opposed to a Danish mid-century modern piece here and there, after all, I just scored an amazing 1960's Arne Norell leather safari chair... so I know how interesting just one piece can be in any style room. The house that Colin Firth's character lived in was a sleek mid-century glass house that some might call Gucci-goo, but I prefer... fabulous with a capital FAB.
The 1949 two bedroom residence is currently on the market for $1.5 and was designed by architect John Lautner. Hidden in a wooded valley at the foot of the Verdugo Mountains, the redwood, concrete & glass residence opens to the oak forest that influenced the form of the design. 
The living room set
Grab the look of the coffee table with one from Crate and barrel with their Belair round mid-century table for $599

 ...and the lounge chair with this Denmark spindle back chair

Grab the look of this small desk chair...
with this one from

Grab the look of the nightstand from West Elm $399
Check out that green backsplash--looks like linoleum! (Remember linoleum?)
Julianne Moore's character was a bit bohemian and lived in a more elaborate home with a hollywood regency vibe, which was such a stark contrast to Firth's house.  It's slightly over the top drama was fun-fun. With her blue telephone, her clothes, teased hair, eyeliner, AND his glasses...I couldn't get enough.
Grab the look of the headboard fabric at $25.99 yard

Grab the look of the headboard from "Hepburn" headboard: $1,076

And the phone?....ebay $17.00 or...
Buy this one here to grab the look.

Her living room

Grab the look from 1st Dibbs Edward Wormley sofa from Dunbar Co. for $2,600

PatterHere's a shot of her makeup area. 2 Color: Natural/Flame & Mustard Content: 100% L
Grab the look of the makeup table fabric with this similar coral Chinoiserie fabric from Joann's
And, grab the look of the drapery fabric with Katherine Ireland fabrics.

Grab the look of the mirror from Timeless Elements for $315.
Grab the look of the dining setting by adding a fabric topper to any table. And the flowers... you'll want them permanently, right? Then, grab 'em from 
 And grab the look of the crystal drinking glasses with gold trim here.
Or here, from Arte Italica.

Film screen shots:,,

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