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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ready...Get Set!

Now, I couldn't let Sunday's Oscars go by without a 'Ready...Get Set' installment, now could I? Today I'm featuring the set of the Oscar winning movie for best adaptive screenplay, The Descendants starring George Clooney. Hawaii serves as a pivotal character in this film about death and legacy, directed by Alexander Payne. Production designer Jane Stewart along with set decorator Matt Calahan canvassed the island for most of the accessories and to get a feel for its history. 
 Wicker seating on the lanai
 Lovely plantation houses...
The lanai

The home they used had been stripped of the original wood and painted shiny semi-gloss white. Because the film was the closest she had ever gotten to a period piece, Stewart pushed the envelope to give the home an old plantation style, and had the art department restore the old woodwork completely. Following the trend of the late 16th century and early 17th century of using wallpaper depicting explorer Captain Cooke’s early experience with the Hawaiian Islands, the team also painted an illustration in the dining room seen above, which, when combined with family paraphernalia, added to the historic authenticity required for the story. The rooms were layered with history.



The Buzz Blog said...

How fun to read the back story on the sets - just saw the movie last week and enjoyed seeing the Hawaiin decor!

Kim Jonny said...

I loved this movie and the setting was very inspirational!!

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