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Thursday, April 26, 2012


The cover of Mary Kay Andrew novel; The fixer-upper
We love having overnight guests and when you live in NYC, it happens pretty often. I just wish we had a bigger guest room and more than one. Guests stay in our (very) small office/2nd bedroom, but it's actually more like a closet than an actual room. I try to make it cozy...reading material, television, computer, a candle, and my dog that likes to open the sliding pocket french doors with her snout and sneak into their bed in the morning. Which is weird because when they first arrive, she barks, nips at their pant leg, and then finally exhausted, she surrenders on a sofa pillow, where she quietly and carefully watches their every move for the rest of the first night.  I don't know what happens overnight, I really don't. But, she wakes up happy, tail wagging, happy to greet them and pounce on their bed, then curl up like a little sausage ring...
 (did I mention she's 6 lbs?) and then she'll sleep next to them as if the harassment she brought on the night before meant nothing. As if...but for friends that sleep over, this is what they have to endure. But with her adorable-ness, some great cooking, high-thread count sheets, and a hand-made mattress, we always have fun. 
The following items sure can make a guest feel warm and welcome...
An area for their computer
Beautiful soap
 Fun, of course...
A great home cooked meal
Sleeping in...
 Morning beverages
 Midnight snacks
Fluffy down-filled pillows 
Fresh, soft towels

 Reading material
A place for their things...
And a big (loud) welcome at the door. (I won't bite...much)

Credits: Crushculdesac unless otherwise specified

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Anonymous said...

OK, I'm sold, I am officially moving in with you! :)

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