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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

sMasH uPS!

sMaSH iT uP AGaiN!!
Here's another smash up-this photo inspired me, with it's hot pink and gold accents. So pretty, so spring-like! So, not-so-subtle. Here ya go...
I put together this pink/gold combo. So fun!
Nail polish: Essie
Shoe: Dolce Vita Bryce
Guitar: Jackson DX10D
Earrings: Lord&Taylor

Jaw dropping wow! Makes me want to run to Morocco and pick up some rugs! Another inspiration for this  smash-up!


Anonymous said...

OMG, this rug!

BTW, where is a good place to by these plastic rugs I see everywhere in Amsterdam (but not in any stores in the US!)? They look like woven rugs, but are made of plastic. Perfect for outdoors, or kitchens.

Stylelinx said...

Hi! Not sure which stores they're in but they are sold to the trade. I'll source it out for you and get that info to you. Less expensive through the trade (like me).

The Buzz Blog said...

Smashing! Are you watching the show on NBC? Have you seen our flowers???

Stylelinx said...

Here's the link to the washable rugs. I'll email you privately some more. You can purchase them through me for a discount: (enjoy!)

Stylelinx said...

These are plastic designer patterned area rugs that can be hosed / washed:

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