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Friday, June 22, 2012

Garden Party

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Hello, my friends! It's officially summer in NYC! Hot, hot, hot! It went from days of rain and chill to roasting, all in one day. But I'm grateful for the sun. Today is warm and breezy and I'll spend it on our roof garden. It makes me want to go to a garden party with gazebos and beautiful outdoor furniture and of course a BBQ. I love outdoor decorating. Whether it's twinkle lights on a gazebo or just a hammock between two trees or a private oasis seen below, I'm in love. 
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When I was a kid growing up in NJ my grandfather built a gazebo in the back yard. I remember him pouring the cement for the floor and constructing the walls and thinking how the new hammock inside was going to be all mine. Of course each of my siblings thought it was all theirs, so we spent precious summer minutes tossing a coin for the best seat outside the house.  We caught fire flies at night and laid out in the sun all day...back then it was without sunscreen of course. Ozone layer!? What ozone layer?
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Ours was very similar to this one...ahh, the memories. Add some twinkle lights, a hammock or decorate it like the photos below and you're all set to make your own summer memories.
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 I spent many a summer night in the gazebo with friends, hanging out and wishing summer would never end. Here are some beautiful ways to decorate outdoors.  Whether it's with a gazebo, a hammock or just a comfy lounge chair, make it reflect your style and personality and c'mon-- make it pretty.
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My Polyvore board for you!

Some lovely and affordable ways to create your own backyard retreat...
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The Zhush said...

Your polyvore board is great, I too have always loved gazebos (and twinkly "fairy" lights too!)

Joanna said...

Lovely ideas for the garden.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any ideas for us apartment dwellers for our balconies? I have room for two small chairs and a small table but that looks really empty. Any ideas?

Stylelinx said...

I sure do! Add an outdoor rug (see my post:( If you have a small budget, then just paint a rug on your balcony floor. Also, hang some great lanterns or twinkle lights, put a candle on that small table, add outdoor throw pillows to your chairs and floor plants for color and privacy. Doing one or all of those things should make it sparkle and feel cozy! Send me the "before" and "after" photos if you can! & Have fun on your new balcony!

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