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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grab the look!

Look #1
Via: Pinterest
I'm always trying to find sources for fabulous looks and here's what I've got for you today! It's fun trying to find something similar (and necessary if you need it in your price range!) So, let's grab the look, shall we? 
Grab the look with this Lowry rug sold here
 Grab the look from Kartell
Grab the look from Baker
Grab the look from West Elm

Look #2
Via: Pinterest
Grab the look with this Harlequin grid rug 
Look #3
Via: Houzz
Grab the look with this Asiatic Damask from
Grab the look from Pottery Barn

Grab the look from Ralph Lauren 
Grab the look here

Look #4
Via Apartment Therapy

Grab the look with Red rugs 
Grab the look with Pottery Barn's white dresser

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The Buzz Blog said...

I'd grab each and every one of these fabulous looks! Thanks for your sweet email and support...

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