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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lunatic fringe

Ah, fringe! It brings back memories! Memories that are just slightly different from the couture fringe that I now use on a client's upholstery, or what's hanging from my creamy-tan Rebecca Minkoff bag that sits on my closet shelf today (amongst others). I love the way fringe has 'grown up' and I'm still obsessed with it today. (Ya think? Read on)
So, my first encounter with it was when I got my first bike (it looked a lot like the 1st photo above) only I didn't have the popular plastic fringe on the handlebars that all the kids in the neighborhood had. And I wanted, no--I needed that fringe! Ok, it was more like, I craved that spectacular, flowing-in-the-wind fringe--well, you get the idea...this girl was obsessed! 

...And still obsessed. Which is why I wrote this post. 

Did I ever get fringe on my handlebars?? 
I sure did. I cut up a colorful piece of fabric from an outgrown dress that hung in the back of my closet. Then I taped them to the ends of my handlebars with black electrical tape that my brother found in the garage. He thought it was a genius idea...
Oscar De La Renta $395 at Saks

But, as I took off down the driveway, popping wheelies (yeah, I did wheelies), I knew those handmade, fringed-tassels hanging from my bicycle had about a two week lifespan--tops. Which was just fine with me. After all, summer was almost over and I did get my fringe-on...for a precious few moments, anyway. And hey, there was always going to be more fabric from outgrown clothes just waiting to be used the next summer...
Boutique 9 $160 at Saks

And, that following year? Well, I not only outgrew most of my clothes but also the need for fringed bicycle handles... 
Gucci pocket square $150
Etro Pillow $163 

But, I moved onto fringing my mother's toss pillows...(much to her delight) and I'm still buying fringe clothing and even sewing it onto some tops. (Luckily it's very trendy right now.) I'm more obsessed with it in fashion than interiors, and I don't fringe head to toe.... but, make no mistake--the lunatic fringing continues.

My Polyvore board
Fringe bag: House of Harlow, Fringed scarf: Acne Canada Net-a-porta, Gypsy fringe earrings: Jules Smith,Alpaca blend fringed gilt: Stella McCartney, Leather fringe necklace: Lonf from Etsy

Credits: Illustration by Dylan, William Waldron Photography, Celerie Kemball Designs/Photo by Nick Johnson, Pamplemousse design, Polycore board, Photo: Ferragamo, Imaxtree, Etro, Boutique 9, Gucci, Oscar De La Renta,

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littlemissMOJO! said...

Can't say I'm a fan of fringe... but somehow you make it cool!

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