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Monday, January 7, 2013


 How are you doing, my friends? Thanks for your patience while I was away, I missed you and missed blogging so now I'm back! My schedule is still on overload and I'll have to post less than usual but I will check in every week, so thanks for your patience. Today is all about coziness and when it snows around the holidays I go into cozy overdrive!
Ok, so we just had a light dusting of snow Christmas eve and then again during the week, but it was enchanting! It covered the lawns and trees in our relative's NJ neighborhood and left the streets clean and safe to drive so it was all good. We got cozy when we lit a fire and opened another bottle of Cabernet. I gotta say I'm lovin' the winter so far and it's inspired me to step up the coziness in my own home. (Photos of that will come soon). There's a chill in the air tonight and I'm wrapped in my long cashmere sweater as I type and drink my peppermint tea with a spoonful of cinnamon. How about you? Do you get into the coziness of the season? 
BCBG sweater

Ingredients :
Cinnamon stick : 1 inch piece
Tea Powder : 2 tsp
Water : 2 cups
Coconut milk : 1/2 cup
Honey to taste
Method :
Bring one cup of water to boil, then add the tea powder, cinnamon stick, coconut milk and honey. Let it boil on a low flame for 5 minutes and switch off the flame. Strain the tea into cups and serve.

Photos: Pinterest, Indian cuisine and Simple Living

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The Buzz Blog said...

We had over a foot of snow upstate and the cozy fire kept us warm and dry! Welcome back and happy 2013.
C + C

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