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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday fun...tweet-tweet


 So....since it's Friday and I'm going to start posting a regular 'Friday recommendations posts', I thought I'd start with my own (shameless promotion) and my twitter account!  You don't need to be on twitter to follow. Really? Yep! You sure? Positive! My handle (for the moment--until the other RobertaRockwell gives up her handle) is @RockwellRoberta
I tweet at least once a week and only the funny stuff so you'll never hear me talk about what coffee house I'm in or what movie I just saw (famous last words)...unless of course I have a joke or something humorous to say about said coffee house or movie.
Yes, I have a Stylelinx twitter account too--for fashion and design, but if you need an occassional giggle, stop by @rockwellroberta you'll be glad ya did.

see ya on twitter!


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