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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Side chair - Schmide chair

  Modern wing swivel chairs Via: At Home
Why settle for the so-so, (yawn) lounge chair when there are so many others to choose from?! You want it comfortable to read and watch tv in? Check!

You want it stylish? Check! You want it to either swivel or be light enough to move it around when you have guests? Check! Check! and Check!

Feast your eyes and thank me later.

I'm partial to the leather and metal cutie!
Baker swivel chairs
 Available at Anthropology
 Vintage Arne Norell leather and wood sling arm chair. I'm partial to these because I have one in my living room!
 Channel back by Rowe Furniture
 Knoll Barcelona Mies Van der Rohe chairs
 Via: Pinterest

Vintage Wassily chair 

Cisco from ABC Carpet & Home


Hickory Chair


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