Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Take it up a notch!

You know you can do it. Make your home look more custom, more high-end, more-more. Here're some tips:  

 1. Add thoughtful, but uncluttered layers like table-scaping

2. Well framed artwork. Whether it's a priceless piece or your children's finger painting

3. Add moulding! In any room or area

4. Hang your drapery floor to ceiling. It'll make the ceiling appear higher.

5. Add oversized pillows. This no-braniner is the easiest way to give a room a high-end look.

6. Add greenery.  A tree or plant not only adds interest but also cleans the air. Fresh flowers are awesome too...


Suzanne said...

Love this post, especially the pillows. Adding a mix of different patterns and different shades of blue to my neutral cream couch made a huge difference!

Stylelinx said...

Yes! I practice what I teach:) Your sofa looks even more beautiful...send me a photo of what we did--I'll add it to this blog!

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