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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Accessory pieces

Anglophile?! Me? Yep. And who wouldn't be after taking a gander at this piece? Is this not the cutest trunk ever? Found it at Blue Ocean Traders and need to have it! And since it's brill, you might want to surprise your flat mate with one, they'll think they are a jammy beggar, unless they have to bring it up the apples and pears!
(Translation: And since it's a cool piece, You might want to buy one and surprise whoever who live with, they'll think they are very lucky, unless they have to carry it up stairs!) That translation was bugger all...(free)
They're very international.  
French S-shaped table 
I just love their feed-sack upholstered items, don't you? This jute square ottoman looks tres' adorable & comfy. In upcoming posts, I'll be sure to add many more photos from wonderful exhibitors at the NYIGF.  I hope you've enjoyed these posts and if you weren't able to attend and always wanted to, my feet were very happy to walk the many miles of aisles for you guys! 
one of the many miles of aisles at the show.

All NYIGF photography: Roberta Rockwell

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