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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Table top and furniture delight

Here's some more fun for your eyes...very cool and understated, bleached out distressed wood furniture by Bobo. An earthy selection with the simplest style that says oh-so-much!  Check out the unfinished pine table below and their twig chandelier!
Photo from Bobo website

And then there's one of my absolute favorite dinnerware exhibitors; Vietri, a handmade product from Italy with the most talented artisans.  The colors of their ceramics and linens are really rich and vibrant, a real show stand out.   
 They're one of the leading importers of luxury table top and home products and has been around for over 25 years. I'm trying to figure out where I can put those amazing urns in my apartment. Aha! An umbrella stand! Perfect to cheer up any sad sack on a rainy day like today. (But, hold the sleet and ice tomorrow, please)

Photo from Vietri website

                                                Photo: Dunes and Duchess
                                                   Photo: Dunes and Duchess
My favorite new original pieces are these candelabra, lamps and hurricanes from I met the fabulously talented designer; Stacy Kunstel, who is also a magazine stylist and editor.  Look for a bigger feature about Stacy and her partner; Dunes (isn't that the coolest guy's name...) and their new products in my upcoming posts! For now, you can check her out on the website and blog.

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Duchy said...

Thank you so much for including Dunes and Duchess in your round-up of NYIGF! We loved meeting you and are so happy to discover your blog too. I'm putting up a link to your post on right now so everyone can see your picks and pics. xosk

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