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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Morgan Museum fashion exhibit: Mannerism and Modernism

Hans Hoffman, An Affenpinscher (detail), 1580, watercolor and gouache on vellum. Kasper Collection, New York.

Dear readers, the Morgan Library and Museum on Madison Avenue is currently running an exhibit on American fashion designer; Herbert Kasper.  The exhibit is called ''Mannerism and Modernism: The Kasper collection of drawings and photographs''.  Classic.  I'd wear any of these in a NY minute. 

Sold in 1975 for $150

Sold in 1975 for $144

Yep--that's Christie Brinkley

I thought it might be kind of fun to toss in some magazines from the 70's since Kasper's fashions were most likely on their pages!
Sold in 1975 for $122

Sold in 1975 for $92

 If personal computers and blogging were around in '75, bloggers would've posted these photos and his collection at Saks Fifth Avenue for sure. And for you, my readers...since Kasper's fashions are probably hard to get a hold of, I thought I'd post some current pieces that we could actually buy.  And what better time to buy than during a winter sale? And, you could wear these dresses year-round.  I happen to be eyeing that biker jacket.  How about you?

 (was $345 now $241.50)

(was $465 now $225.50)

(was $350 now $169.99)

(was $995 now $696.50)

(was $445. now $311.50)
 (was $795 now $298)

 (was $595 now $298)

(was $695 now $486.50)

(was $695 now $486.50)

Kasper went to Parsons school of design in NYC from 1951-1953 and l'E'cole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in 1953. He made his name as a designer  primarily working for Joan Leslie starting in '63.  In 1980 he became VP of that company while continuing to design high fashion looks.  The Kasper exhibit runs until May 1st.

Photo taken by me.
Here's the Morgan Museum's beautiful front entrance.   It's sooo pretty the way they light up the banners and the entrance at night.  The museum area is not huge but I like its intimate vibe.    My favorite exhibit at the Morgan so far was for Bob Dylan in 2006.  Hey, no photos allowed in there, otherwise I'd be showing rather than telling...
But here's a little something wonderful to look at.

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