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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kitchen Love-Li-Ness

Jack Arnold collection from Bentwood Kitchens
I've been doing more cooking lately and if you know me you know that's kind of unusual! I'm performing less on the road and more in the tri-state area so I'm able to finish some writing projects. Since I'm home more I find myself enjoying more homemade meals and I'm enjoying them even more since I'm off sugar and white flour.  I'm into making my homemade goat's milk yogurt and baking with almond flour or pecan flour and honey-have you ever tried banana bread with almond flour and honey??...amazing!  Even my dog is surprised by the amount of time I spend in the kitchen.  And confused.  I used to rarely go in there and now she follows me all day long because she knows I'm going to drop something or a pot will spill over.  (Did I mention I am not the neatest cook? Sure, I try to wash each pot or dish as I use them but pffff-- that doesn't last long.)  Looking at these kitchens is making me really hungry.  You?
Benches are really cozy and you rarely see one at the counter.  This one has been customized to accommodate the counter height.  That pot-filler sure comes in handy, but when I can't get to the gym I count on the heavy lifting to sub for 3 sets of 10 reps with 8lb wts.  (I can hear some of you laughing at that.  I already know I'm a lightweight or as the guys at the gym say: a girly weight trainer).

These are so beautiful I want to put a chain on them and wear them as a cameo necklace... or eat them.  No, I'd rather eat them. And then, yeah I'll think about up-ping to 10lb wts. Yeesh. 

I always love when the kitchen island or work table is a different wood finish or color than the cabinets.  If you do nothing else in the planning, this one thing screams custom. And it makes me want to bake some pies (with almond flour of course).

And of course, my sort of comfort foods.
I found this over at Brooke Giannetti's lovely Velvet and Linen blog. She's a talented designer on the west coast and this is one of her projects. It has so many beautiful details: Fluted farmhouse sink, Calcutta slab counters, glass cabinet doors... You can see more photos from her blog.

See, now that chandelier makes the room.

Photo: Beautiful Homes Magazine
Aga's 6 burner.  Love-love Aga

Aga's 8 burner with grill

Wolf vent and mosaic tile hood

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Jen103 said...

Hi - in the process of planning my kitchen remodel right now, and this gives me some great ideas! Love the chandelier, the contrasting island and the clean, white cabinets with rustic wood flooring. Some absolutely gorgeous rooms here...keep the inspiration coming!

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