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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pretty in pinks

Well, happy Monday to you.  February in NYC is a bit grey right now...overcast, with snow still on the ground and there's more of that to come.  So, I thought I'd show you guys what we have to look forward to this spring.  Hang in there, it's just a few weeks away...and later this week I'll post some great winter sales that'll make you forget about the frost. 
 Photo: Elle magazine 
So, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this outfit was, "quick--think of an event where I could wear this so I can justify buying it!" Ok, so it's not in the budget.  At all...but it is on my wish list. Paz De La Huerta from Boardwalk Empire looks smashing in it, doesn't she? Here are the specs: Halter dress & blouse: Yves Saint Laurent. Pumps: Miu Miu,  Sombrero: Prada 
  Ok, so I'll admit that other than a few decor accessories I've never really used pink except on my face and in my wardrobe.  Can't say I ever decorated with pink. I'm going to re-think that for any upcoming design projects cuz me likey.

                         1. Olympic: California wine #A34-6
                         2. Pittsburgh: Cranberry splash #134-6 
                         3. Sherwin Williams: Quite coral #SW6614 
                         4. Pratt & Lambert: Degas pink #1-2 

                    Tommy Hilfiger spring 2011 Photo Yannis Vlamos at
(Jeans left to right)Them Atelier $95, James Jeans $145, Rockstar Sushi $198             
Pouchette: J.Crew 
Tote bag: $20 with free monogram at

Bedside carafe:$78 at Apartment 48 
Biscuits de reims: $20 Fossier at

Cabana vanity: $2595 at Duc Duc 

Cabinet knob: $20 in pink quartz at Myterra hardware

                           Extension cord: $75 at Coleman cable

                            Head phones: $60 at Urbanears
Ikat pillow cover: $45 in color #IK TO67 at
iPad sleeve: $280 Smythson

                            iPhone case: $30 at Agent 18
Keycraze:  $1.50-$5 in color pink zebra at

Lightbulb: $5.20 for a pack of 4 in Pinque at Sylvania

Pet I.D. tag:  $7.5 at Lands' End

                      Side chair: $1995 Linwood at Hickory Chair
Slippers: $65 at Viva Terra 

Stand mixer: $350 at Kitchenaid

Photos: House Beautiful

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Suzanne said...

Love the pink! So pretty...and fun and fresh and just what we need here on the snowy East Coast to remind us of spring. Thanks!

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