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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fabulous farmhouse

This french farmhouse just made me smile when I looked at it, so I just had to post it. I have this annoying cold and just looking at this house made me feel a little better almost immediately. With its soft palette and weathered finishes it looks like a great place to rest, doesn't it? Oh, plus my neighbors upstairs have combined two apartments so between this cold and the banging from the construction I'm going a little insane since I work from home. If I was feeling better I'd be running around the city gettin' stuff done and more importantly--out of the house, but I need to chill until the faucet that is my post-nasal drip turns off.  I went upstairs again to see how the contractors were progressing. (Oh yeah. I'm sure they just love that.) They were incredibly nice, and they smiled and I smiled and I said, ya know-  "wow- you have a lot of workers here- great!" and "great job" (they are talented...I took a business card) and ", how much longer?" Their reply? "One more week" is what they said...again.  That's right, about a month ago when they started I went up to introduce myself and see who was making the noise that sounded like I placed my head on the street next to a jack-hammer.  To be fair they did say the drilling would stop in a week and it did...but not the hammering. I feel like I'm in that 1980's movie The Money Pit where they keep telling the homeowners the work will be done in a few days, in a few a few days. I should be used to construction site noise and contractors- I was a GC on a few jobs so I know the drill.  But right now I just want some peace and quiet and less congestion in my sinus area...who doesn't?  And I don't want to go to can't do a neti pot at Starbucks.

So for now, my refuge is cranking up my iPod and looking at beautiful photos like these.  I hope you enjoy them too...whether you have a cold or a construction site within ear-shot or need to give your eyes a break from whatever you read at work, stop by and everyday I'll try to give you a visual respite that I call my brain sorbet.  xo


The Buzz said...

So sorry you're feeling under the weather still and with this weather, it's best to stay home and look at these gorgeous images. I grew up in Belgium in very similar surroundings so these just brought back a flood of memories for me. Thanks for sharing! said...

Did you get my LOVE the kitchen!
Great ideas for the shore cottage.
Feel better!

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