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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Book cover
Wow, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has inspired Cacherel's spring 2011 collection! Gordon's book, Performing/Guzzling is a series of watercolors called 'Noise paintings' which depicts her blurred vision of the audience from the stage.  I thought that was such a great observation and I really love her watercolor interpretations of the crowd.  She said; "I'm trying not to look directly at anyone in the front so the spell of concentration won't be broken.  Instead they appear as a collective mood." The book also includes her photos which are visions of her experience onstage, punctuated by her writing and lyrics.
These dresses from Cacherel look more like a combo of splatter and tie-dye to me. Tie-dye is making a come-back and I have to say I kind of like the sophisticated way it's used here...OK, did I say; tie-dye is sophisticated?! Welcome to 2011.  

I would put these paintings in any style room and they would look amazing. Watercolor has always been one of my favorite mediums. One of the things I love about it, other than its ability to look transparent and ethereal and substantial all at the same time, is that when you work with it, it dries fast- unlike oils. It's immediate which is risky so you either have to except what you've created or toss it. (I've had to toss too many since I do not excel at painting). But, I think its urgency is what I love the most.  Kind of like the urgency in rock music. So could that be why Kim chose watercolor as her medium of choice?

How great is this drum head painted by Shinya Yamamoto in '06 for Sonic Youth's drummer?! Art on musical instruments is fabulous and so unexpected.  Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke fame is a drummer/artist friend of ours who painted one of my husband's bass guitars when they were both in the band Crush.  The paint on the guitar is a little worn out now from years of use but I still get a kick out of seeing it on stage.  Hey, how cool would it be to have Paul paint an interior door in our apartment? We don't have a modern decor but that's why I think the contrast with just one door would be amazing and painting an instrument. (How's that for a hint, Paul?!)
 Here's the front of the head stock.
 The back of it. On the head stock Paul used a gold mottled affect that reminds me of gold-leafing. 
And a different technique on the neck.

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