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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ikat scratch fever

For those of you who thought that I was going to talk about Pantera's version or Motorhead's version or possibly even the original Ted Nugent's...sorry to disapoint.  But, you gotta admit these are almost as sexy as the song, don't you think? Well, maybe minus the guitar solo.


Images: Madeline Weinrib
(Even the name sound like rock song titles!)
From the top left to right:
Cherry Jam Satin, Navy Luce, Hot Pink Luce, Turquoise Luce, Plum, Kelly Green Luce, Blue Collins, Purple Luce, Sunburst Luce, Celery Luce, and Pink & Orange Mor

Image: Cottages & Gardens
1. Fairfax collection of rugs
2. JAB  Osman
3. Jim Thompson's Bamboozle on chair and drapery
4. Schumacher's Tashkent velvet
5. Kravet's Dotkat

1 comment:

The Buzz said...

Your mention of Ted Nugent brought me right back to high school but these pillows are so 2011!

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