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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NYC Bakeries are pretty (tasty)

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I've always loved the interior of a bakery.  The aroma, their pretty color palettes and their use of stainless and marble counters makes me feel like I'm back in grandma's kitchen....These are my favorite places to go for goodie-gifts because they're not only pretty but delicious. And yes, even though I typically only eat baked goods with honey and almond flour, I still occasionally partake. Don't worry, I'm not going to rant again on how I wish they baked with almond flour...but if they offered just one...(woopsie... I said I wouldn't do that!)  There's something so comforting and memory evoking about these shops.   I'm partial to cupcakes with a filling. What's your favorite bakery item?

Penelope Bakery on Lexington is a very beach-y looking restaurant with its awnings and pale blue and green palette.  It's got a casual yet tasty lunch and dinner menu too. 

Magnolia Bakery is as famous for its appearance on Sex and The City as it is for its cupcakes.

Ahhh... Billy's smells delicious from a block away...yeah, even in New York!

Omg! How about this?!

Chocoholics beware, their hot chocolate is insane and addictive!

Sweet and casual Bouchon Bakery

Now, both Veniero's and Ferraro's make me feel like I'm back in Italy with my grandmother! Che Meraviglia! 

There are so many beautiful and delicious bakeries here. There's even this cute cupcake truck sitting at the corner of Park Avenue and 34th street.  I haven't tried their cupcakes yet, but their Al Pacino-cappuccino sounds, well--interesting...hooooaahh!

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The Buzz said...

Whenever I'm in Soho, it's Balthazar bakery for me - the croissants are fabulous. I'm actually more of a pie girl myself so wherever they have pie, I'm there!

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