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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Loo

I've been considering replacing our bathtub and one of these years it just might happen. I keep thinking about how it'll go down and it would probably be something like this... First we'll pick out the tub, then since the contractors will have to disrupt the wall tile surrounding the tub, we'll need new tile. Then I'll see the new tub and new tile and want a new, bigger built-in closet. The existing closet is in the wall behind the door and it's a decent size but there's room for it to be taller and wider. Then, of course the room would have to be re-painted, with new lighting, and the white carrera marble floor I've always wanted and for good measure, a frameless shower door! Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about.  Nah, I think for now I'll just pick up some new towels and call it a day. Meantime, here're some of my inspirations. Which one is your favorite?

Images: Elle Decor, H&G Magazine, Phoebe Howard, Mark Lohman, Garret Cord Werner, Mark Howard, Old House

Below you'll find some goodies that will turn any style bathroom into a spa:

Boticario de Havana: Bath salts

Graff faucets: Bali faucet in polished chrome

Pottery Barn: tray to display pretty bottles

Dporthaul Paris: Blue mini confetti wrap in terrycloth


The Zhush said...

Beautiful round up! That second image is amazing..and I have been eyeing that PB tray forevah!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the Loo. Check out the Harware Restoration floor design at the Short Hills Mall.
Love the ceilings too.

Karolina said...

I love unusual bathrooms, nothing worse than plain and boring :)

Stylelinx said...

I certainly will- going to be in that area in a couple of weeks.

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