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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tray table ramblings...









1. Chelsea House Inc.             5. Mecox Gardens      
2. Ralph Lauren Home           6. Moura Starr
3. Casa Midy                          7. David Linley
4. Cb2                                     8. Pierre Deux        
My client's beach house tray table
Here's a simple tray table at my client's house.  We found it at a yard sale and the client painted it navy.

Our shore house dining room
Here's my black tray table with silver trim that I'm obsessing over.  If I was in the market for another tray table, I would definitely pick from the list of eight above or try to find another one at a yard sale, which isn't easy. Last time we had a lot of people over I was really missing the tray table that I relinquished to our shore house. (See table at shore house in above photo.) In NY this tray table served as my bedside table and looked great, but I opted to replace it with a smaller table with a much needed drawer and shelf. The tray table at the shore house is plain but adorable not to mention light enough to be moved around. But I have to say, it does look great in the dining room down the shore.  For parties in the city,  I would sometimes set it up as a bar, other times it's where I'd put the plates and silverware for a buffet. Wow, maybe I need to bring it back to the city?? Now that I'm thinking about it, it might just be more perfect for the city!  It folds up and tucks away!....Although.... it's really too cute to be stored away in a closet, and I really don't want to take up limited closet space... And, there's no great place to keep it opened here in NY because it is kind of oversized for a tray table.... Ok. Yep. That's why I brought it down the shore.  It all makes sense to me now.  Glad we had this little discussion. Problem solved.  Thanks.

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The Buzz said...

We're happy to sit and listen any time, Roberta! Love all your trays and they certainly elevate TV dinners to the next level...

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