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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freshly squeezed

This is such a hot color right now.  I was in the Flat Iron district over the weekend and this color kept popping up all over the place. From clothes to accessories and home decor and I have to say, it's kind of interesting. I like the toned-down version, myself. This first photo of the bedroom is my favorite. When it's that rich terracotta it seems timeless...(orange--not so much)what do you think?

Limoges: Door knob
Zhush: Spicy orange herringbone throw
Diane James: Rose posy
Siro: Cabinet hardware

Benjamin Moore: Paint samples


The Buzz said...

My aunt lives in a 10th century villa in the foothills of Florence and the color of the houses (ocre?) is so warm and lovely there. Thanks for including us in your stylish roundup!

GSB said...

Love, Love, LOVE Terracotta burnt orange!!! I painted my kitchen that color 3 houses ago, when we lived in GA and I still love it...may have to do a repeat on our home in Virginia when we move in June...remind me to check back with your blog for inspiration! :)

cee cee rodriguez said...

Orange is my favorite color, I remember painting it Orange when I was a kid. My walls are not orange now, but it is so fun to have all sorts of orange "sliced" around the house. Thanks for showing my fav color. said...

I am loving orange at the moment. said...

I am loving orange at the moment.

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