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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Step in time!

Hey there...anyone else looking at stairs thinking about how neglected they are? Anyone? Anyone-hello? OK, I know you're thinking I have a lot of time on my hands but I don't. What I have is writer's block. I'm working on a writing project and I can't seem to finish it. Sometimes when I look at interesting photos (like exhibit A- the photos in this post) I get what I like to call a "brain sorbet". I decided that means it clears the (mind) palette ...a simple diversion allows me to return to whatever I'm working on with a fresh perspective. Before I started this blog I would do that-- I'd look at design blogs and happily veg out or get inspired to decorate or write or whatever and let those endorphins fire off and do their thing.  I still do that, only now that I have my own blog I took it up a notch. So, not only do I still look at my favorite blogs to feel good and get inspiration--writing a blog helps too.  Maybe some of you need a break  from whatever you're working on? If that's an affirmative, then take a gander at these photos of lovely stairs and hopefully it'll inspire you to have a fresh perspective on your work or maybe it'll just make you want to run out and buy some paint and get to work on your stairs. Either way it's a win-win. Either way, my friend.
This was the first one that caught my attention. But I have to say the yellow one below is my favorite.

Photos:Casart coverings, Fred Fisher,Laurel Murals, The Locker


Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

love the first staircase its a fun play with colour, the little painted mice are also very clever

The Buzz said...

You're definitely stepping up your game and love these inspired stairs... mine are definitely in need of a little love!

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