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Friday, April 1, 2011

NYC store windows are almost finished getting dressed!

What I won't do for a good story. Me inside actual Lord & Taylor window on 5th Avenue. (Don't ask).

(Thank you L&T, I had fun)
Bergdorf Goodman

The fact is, NYC store windows change multiple times each season. 

There are so many incarnations and here are a few samplings in case you didn't catch them.

Uniglo (Flower shorts window in soho) 

 The floral artist is Mioko Mochizuki.

Papyrus (Confetti paper dress)

J. Crew
Macy's video windows
Swarovski (Butterflies)
 Juicy Couture
Kate Spade
Kate Spade is showing Yellow for March and I was told that every month they'll be featuring a different color in the window.

Enjoy your weekend!


The Buzz said...

Come on... we have to ask! What's going on in that first image?? Love the spring window wrap-up! Happy weekend.

Stylelinx said...

I guess I am getting changed for spring! :) (I knew you'd ask!)

The Zhush said...

Love that you posted some NYC windows here...I can continue my NYC existence vicariously! And, what's the deal with the first photo? Rhoda Morgenstern moment?

Stylelinx said...

Hahaha--Not what I thought I was going for, but I'll take it!

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