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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ceilings part 1

My favorite architectural detail in any room is by far the ceiling. Coffered, beamed, arched, wainscoted, pitched, just to name a few. If there's nothing else going on in the room, a great ceiling could make it ahh-mazing. Our house down the shore has a walk up attic with a ceiling like this-only it's rough like the ceiling pictured below. It happens to be one of my favorite kinds of ceilings.  I have plans some day of turning it into a master bedroom with a master bath and french doors to a small balcony overlooking the backyard. That fireplace looks pretty great too, maybe I should include one of those in the plans. I mean, since we're planning (and dreaming) and all...
Still not convinced a great ceiling is the most important piece of architecture in a room?? Walk with me a moment.....Let's say it's 2:00 am and you can't fall asleep for whatever reason and you've got to get up crazy early and all you can think about is how you're going to have dark circles under your eyes for that important meeting in the morning. Now you're stuck staring at the ceiling (like I've been doing for the past week)... you'll be wishing there was something a little more interesting up there to look at.  Maybe pretty photos decoupaged perhaps? Or, your favorite color of paint? Something! (And I don't mean mirrors. Oh, please-- don't.) As for me, I'm grateful to have beams on the ceiling in our NYC bedroom that the soft elegant glow from the street light accentuates, making everything it shines on look flawless and beautiful. And on those nights where I'm left staring at said beams? Well, I'm secretly wishing that I could grab that soft light and take it with me to all my meetings the following day. Now, where did I put my concealer??
My beamed ceiling (that i will be painting soon to look like the last image) and that beautiful light that peers through the window. I guess my flash is making it appear brighter, but you get the idea!

Photos: Frank Shirley AIA, Mark English AIA, David Vandervort AIA, Phoebe Howard, Austin-Patterson-Disson AIA, Elle Decor


The Buzz said...

Sadly, the ceilings in our 1920 farmhouse are quite low but someday I'll push up the one in the family room and add rough-hewn beams... Happy Tuesday!

Omayra said...

I want that bedroom in the second picture!! I never realized how much a ceiling adds to a room!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

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