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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pink please...

Elle Decor
I was never really into pink but since I started this blog I can't get enough of it. When I was a kid my bedroom was pink, then lavender, then pink again, then I drew all over the pink walls with chalk! I like to think I was drawing a mural but it was more like free-style grafitti. I wondered why my mother didn't mind at all until 2 days later when it had faded completely.  I drew on it again, since it wasn't time to repaint it a different color.  I just had to do something to cover that pink! Well, I don't know if my taste changed or if the color is just being used in a more interesting way, but I'm loving the color!  Check out these photos, each with a splash of pink and let me know if you agree. If you notice, not one of them drew on the walls with chalk. Just saying..

What a great office!

This hot-hot pink makes a bold statement.
Image: Kasey Buick
I found this really lovely picture on Kasey Buick's blog with the pale pink chair and just had to post it. It's so simple and ethereal, don't you just love it?

Images: Kasey Buick, Shabby Chic, Country Living, Elle Decor, PJ Holly Hocks 


The Zhush said...

I feel the same way about pink lately...drawn to these images, despite not much actual pink happening in my own home.

The Buzz said...

With honeysuckle being the color of the year, I pity the person who doesn't like pink! Being the only girl in this household, the pink is limited to my wardrobe though someday I would love a pink room of my own.

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