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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The dressing room

Wow. How fabulous, to have a dressing room. I have a "walk-in" closet which is actually a closet that when it grows up wants to be a dressing room. Oh--and when I use the quotes for "walk-in" when referring to my closet, it's because I can fit my body in there, walk 4 steps inside the closet, hang-on...1-2-3-4 yep-4 and turn around. Of course to do that I have to put my vacuum cleaner on the closet shelf where it belongs and move my hamper out of the way...but who's counting...oh yeah. I was. 
Mariah Carey's dressing room

Elton John's eye-glass closet

Jackie Kennedy's dressing room
Ralph Lauren's dressing room

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