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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Family

How was your weekend, my friends?  The royal wedding was all over the television and it seemed like everyone had royal wedding fever. I wasn't really feelin' it, but like most, I was extremely curious about the outfits (I thought Kate's gown was perfection and her sister looked incredible too) I set my dvr.   I have some friends who got up at 4am to catch the nuptuals... you couldn't get me to wake up at 4am for my own wedding, so there ya go.  Watching the highlights with remote in hand is more my speed....for  example: Bride and groom driving in the car: fast forward.  Commentators chatting: faster-fast forward. Bride getting out of the car...pause...slow-motion.  The close up of hats: Pause...slow mo...(oooh! ahhh! wait, what??) rewind...slow mo (hmmm)...rewind...pause (giggle). Rewind. Rewind...You get the idea. In honor of the happy occasion, I thought I'd treat you to the color that symbolizes royalty...purple. In all shades of its royal family.

Photos:Julianne Kelly, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Domino, Lettered Cottage. Elle Decor


The Buzz said...

Perfect pops of purple - I watched the wedding the same way - fastforward, slo mo, slo,slo mo... Best shots of the guests can be found on Vogue's website!

Stylelinx said...

Oooh! Good to know, I'll head over to Vogue now. I need close-ups!! Details! Details! Thanks! xo

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