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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Beautiful quilts! They're such works of art and no matter how you use them, they really do add a shot of personality to a room.  I don't have the wall space to hang one, but I use them for bedding. Of course I love my duvet, but adding a quilt for color, layering and pattern is something I've always done. I use them both in the winter and the quilt alone in the summer.  Do you use a quilt or a duvet or both?? 

Alexandra Stoddard's quilt collection you use quilts as art? Some hang quilts on the wall or drape them over a headboard, railing, chair--you name it.  This quilt called Shakespeare's stamp is by Teresa Barkley and costs approximately $12,000.

Landthreads Sightlines by, Pat Owoc

 Museum craft collection Gee's bend log cabin quilt replica
As you can see, the museum sunburst design is often duplicated. Pottery Barn teamed up with the American Folk Art museum in NYC (one of my fav's) to replicate the sunburst quilt. The original is dated from 1835.

A quilt was used for this upholstered headboard.

A typical patchwork quilt

Photos: Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, West Elm, Gavin Ashworth, Country Living, 
House Beautiful

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The Buzz Blog said...

I'm a summer quilt lover - the heavy feather duvet gets stored and out comes the quilt. My great aunt was a quilter and I have one of hers which must be over 80 years old...

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